Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

A few years ago I became aware that fluoride toothpaste wasn't something that I personally wanted to use. So I began looking into fluoride-free alternatives and not only were they pretty expensive they were sub-par and just didn't leave me feeling "fresh." So, I began researching for a way to make toothpaste and this is what I came up with and have been using for years now.

1 part salt
3 parts baking soda
Vegetable glycerin
Peppermint essential oil

Mix salt and baking soda well in a container. Add vegetable glycerin until the consistency is that of tooth paste. Add JUST A DROP OR TWO of essential oil and mix it well.

Note: Please be aware that it is very easy to over do the essential oil! Remember to start with less and give it a test!


mileHIGHpro said...

seems like a good idea

GamerGanz said...

making your own toothpaste? :O
wow this blew my mind more then it should...

The New Motive Power said...

This is interesting, could you give any directions as to why you're not using fluoride toothpaste? I've had a lot of problems with different brands of toothpaste in the past.

pietah said...

friend of mine is a dentist, he uses some herbal toothpaste, tastes REALLYYYY weird.

StatuesCryBleeding said...

I tried this one day when I ran out of toothpaste, minus the vegetable glycerin. It was terrible! Could not hold that overly liquid solution in my mouth for more than 30 seconds.. Nice blurg btw.

chrischaos said...

is this how to make my own tooth paste?!

random rewiring

Chase said...

i actually use what is normally referred to as a "kids" toothpaste partially for this reason. Tom's of Maine has no fluoride. the other major reason is that it comes in a flavor other than mint (which i can't stand). you know how hard it is to find a non spearmint/peppermint/wintergreen/etc flavored toothpaste?

zemzero said...

I never would have though to make my own toothpaste...how does it taste?

Open Recipes said...

@The New Motive Power: I quit using fluoride products because there is some evidence that suggest it plays a key role in the development of Alzheimer's Disease.

@StatuesCryBleeding: The vegetable glycerin addss a sweet taste and the peppermint oil leaves you feeling fresh. Just baking soda and salt will work but is much less satisfying.

@Chase: I used Tom's for a while but it's certainly not a cheap product. The best thing about making your own is you can replace the peppermint oil with whatever suits your taste. :]

@zemzero: It has a sweet and somewhat salty taste. If the ratios are done correctly it's not unpleasent at all and it much cheaper than buying toothpaste in a tube.

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